Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making Of A New in concert

Making Of A New is a rock band made up of four friends from the suburbs of Chicago...I'll let their listeners try to classify their sound. They played a birthday party March 21 in Bolingbrook, and I got the chance to see them. I'd say they sounded good, but as you can all see, they look like they rocked the house.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Chicago Church Of Christ Kids' Fair

The Metro Ministry of the Chicago Church Of Christ held their second kids' fair, Heroes Unmasked, on March 15. I had a good time getting hit by flying soft objects as I tried to get some creative shots. Judging from the number of projectiles hurtling to and fro, it seemed like the kids had fun, too.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Behold the beauty of Diana!

I got the chance last weekend to shoot a baby-portrait session at the baby's home!  Studios?  Backdrops?  Bah!  These are for weaklings!

Here, our starlet prepares for her close-up...

And when she says "Action!" I know this girl came to work!  Look at the smile she gives when she looks at her Mom...

"Hhhmmmm..." she ponders, "this photographer is not very motivating. I'm not sure if I feel like continuing with this shoot."

So we bring the bunny back, and Diana finds her motivation again.

"You want me to play with these? I can't just play with stuff on cue, I need to get into the right mindset!  I want a bunny break!"

So the starlet gets another bunny break.

Now she's in the groove!!  Quick, put her in her crib while she's still motivated!

Uh-oh, I think she's cooked.  Time to pack it up and let her gave some more beauty rest.  Thank you for an afternoon well spent, young lady.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Steve Walter at Awake Cafe

Steve sings that he was born with the blues, and the blues is how he's going out someday. In the meantime, he adds some '80s and classic rock into his set list. I caught him playing at The Awake Cafe...I drank a Blue Demon smoothie, but he had a green St. Patrick's Day milkshake that I wish I had ordered.