Sunday, March 1, 2009

Steve Walter at Awake Cafe

Steve sings that he was born with the blues, and the blues is how he's going out someday. In the meantime, he adds some '80s and classic rock into his set list. I caught him playing at The Awake Cafe...I drank a Blue Demon smoothie, but he had a green St. Patrick's Day milkshake that I wish I had ordered.


  1. Those are really cool. I really like the first one and the last 3. Did you encounter him by accident? Shots like these remind me to start taking my camera with me everywhere.

  2. We got to church together. We had a fund-raising dinner during our midweek service a few weeks ago to help some families with some needs, and we have a few raffle of the prizes was an Uncaged photo session, and Steve was the winner. I'm glad- it was a good time.