Sunday, October 25, 2009

Carol and Tina in the Singer Spotlight

Carol Simbler and Tina Jenkins Crawley rocked the house at Fitzgerald's Night Club.

Carol opened up with "It's Been You."

Another well-known, well-regarded facet of Singer Spotlight is "the band." Among Chicago musicians, all one has to do is say "Yeah, Fitzgerald's, they got that band..." Just listen to everyone start going "Dude, yeah..."

The hostess, Becca, normally ends the Singer Spotlight shows...but this particular night was Tina's CD release party, so she let her have the stage last.

She used it to the max.

This gentleman is Nick Bisesi, husband and sax player for Gayle Bisesi, the jazz singer who played right before Carol and Tina. I didn't get any pictures of her (sorry), because I just sat down and enjoyed her performance.

Tina got a standing ovation for her final song, "Don't Give Up."

Everything that happened that night can be seen here.

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