Tuesday, February 2, 2010

The yellow boot descends upon the furry purple throat

A flock of Jayhawks from the Chicago chapter of the Kansas Alumni Association gathered Jan. 30 at Kincade's to watch our basketball team flush our hated rival's dream down the toilet.

The result was one of the greatest games in Kansas/Kansas State basketball history, an overtime thriller in which the superior team (KU) scraped out a tooth-and-nail victory by only 2 points.

When KU goes to Manhattan and crushes a weak KSU team, it's amusing. This year, KU went to Manhattan and came from behind to steal one from a strong KSU team that will likely be a factor in March...and it was fulfilling.

"I think Cole Aldrich just killed that guy!"

One of the many great traditions we Kansas alumni enjoy: waving the wheat when our team wins.
Made even more enjoyable by watching dejected K-State players ponder what could have been!