Friday, March 26, 2010

Bobbette and Paul: Stopping a juggernaut

A sun-splashed ceremony on an unbelievably warm spring morning, and the brightest smile I've had the pleasure of photographing in quite a while — but this was not the best part of Bobbette and Paul's wedding.

Bobbette's smile is radiant, not only because her wedding day was coming together perfectly, but because she knows she is doing what many once believed was impossible. She is getting Paul the Great Juggernaut of Single Life to settle down.

Paul had a huge contingent of friends at their New Rochelle, New York ceremony — from his alma mater, Northwestern University, from his four-year stay in North Carolina, and from his native Texas — and they were all eager to roast him about the solemn oath he was abandoning. Before meeting Bobette more than a year ago, Paul had boasted repeatedly (bombastically, some say) that he would never marry.

Here's how how that prognostication turned out:

As a Texan might say, Bobbette fixed his little wagon.

Bobbette brought a large party to her side of the aisle, many from her native Jamaica, which made for the most exciting dance I've shot in a while.

Paul made a solemn new oath to Bobbette on their wedding day; judging only from the pictures I got of their day, I think she won't have any trouble holding him to this one.

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