Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quest Camp 2010: I Am

So what happens when 180 high school kids at a campground for a week find their activities encroached upon by flood-inducing rain, tree-damaging wind and night-illuminating lighting?

Nothing changes. We go hard. Welcome to Rock River Christian Camp & Retreat Center in Polo, IL, and the 2010 Quest Camp, themed "I Am."

Every morning began shortly after dawn with the students, from high schools around Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois and Indiana, reading their Bibles and praying, individually or in groups. The humidity that created this fog was a week-long presence, and ended up causing a flood on our last night together.

After breakfast, though, it's party time.

Doing the YMCA during lunch.

The sports and activities seemed endless to me: the kids could play dodgeball, soccer, capture the flag, volleyball, basketball (or pool basketball), make all kinds of crafts, jam on their musical instruments together or just chill at the coffee bar.

One way or another, every one of them was exhausted by the end of the night.

The talent show.

Big City, an M.C. from Philadelphia, put on a concert that blew the kids away.

Among the numerous group activities, we made a chain with the more than 200 names of Jesus in the New Testament.

Singing our worship of the Lord.

And trying our best to obey the highest commandment: love each other.

That's not the sun, that's one of the dozens of bolts of lightning that lit up our starlight devotional Thursday night, just before the weeklong drizzle turned into a flood.

Matthew 28:20 — "I am with you always."

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