Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Birthday in the sun

The Kiwiet family (birthday boy John in the green shirt)

For his 80th birthday party, John didn't have to grill — his kids did it for him, and he reaped the rewards.

The Kiwiet clan, including kids and grandkids, gathered at The Salt Creek Club — a favorite party spot for this family — to celebrate their patriarch. John, who his children say used to do all the grilling (to his great enjoyment, they added), got to sit back this time, and take great enjoyment from the grilling wisdom his kids learned from him.

And all looked like they were enjoying the love John and his wife of 52 years, Thea, passed down to them all.

The list of activities included plenty of grilling, madness on the diving board...

...and volleyball for the whole family.

Of all the diving-board pictures I've taken through the years, this one has become my current favorite.

"The dog's got me...somebody save the beer!"

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