Friday, September 3, 2010

Carole and Lara: lavish

I remember something that Lara Jenkins did during her most recent Singer Spotlight performance, at Fitzgerald's Nightclub: She dedicated her third song, "Blue Skies," to her husband, Dell, and took a few moments to explain to the audience how much she loved him and what a good man he is.

I remember seeing Carole Baskin at The Singer Spotlight once before, I think in '08. The Spotlight's organizers always print programs for each show, and in those programs they give their performers some space to write a blurb about themselves, their music and such.

Carole wrote in hers that she wanted to use her singing to worship God "lavishly."

Lavishly. I've thought about that ever since then.

You don't see that kind of stuff enough anymore. People with spectacular voices, like these two, will gladly share their talent with you; Lara and Carole will gladly share their beliefs and their feelings with you.


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