Friday, October 1, 2010

Commencement ceremony for The Crossing

For post-graduate work in social structure and chemistry, visit Chicago's newest bar (as of Sept. 30, 2010, that is): The Crossing.

Named by a graduate of the University of Kansas, The Crossing takes its moniker from a bar that long ago became a tradition in Lawrence, Kans. Located across the street from the edge of the KU campus, the original Crossing quenched thirsty Jayhawks for years.

Wrightwood Park's updated Crossing will likely be doing the same — for Chicagoans of all backgrounds — for years to come.

"We picked the location because it was three lots with an amazing beer garden area," co-owner Marc Epstein said. "The neighborhood is upscale and needed something that could be utilized on the weeknights with great pub-style food."

Here we find Dana, Kelly and Sarah partaking of a Jayhawk Fish Bowl, while being photographed by Lizze (far right) and me (top of the stairs to the balcony). All KU alumnae remember their days at the first Crossing — and expect even better things from the new version.

"It is quite an upgrade," Dana said.

"The Crossing has graduated," Sarah added.

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