Saturday, January 29, 2011

Singer Spotlight: The 10th Anniversary Show

I could have zoomed in to focus on Amy and Becca as the show's producers sing to each other, but I pulled back instead. This way, the frame includes the candlelight, audience heads, the camcorder's monitor, the painted backdrop and, of course, all four band members. A little of what makes Singer Spotlights so enjoyable.

When I moved to Chicago in January of 2006, the first example of Windy City nightlife that my friends introduced me to was Singer Spotlight at Fitzgerald's Nightclub. I have since had the pleasure of photographing, and simply taking in, five years' worth of the shows Amy and Becca put on.

I have acquired a few recordings of shows from the five years I missed. They're worth tracking down.

A truckload of birthday cupcakes waits atop the piano on the side of the stage.
The grateful crowd made the disappear in seconds.

A few of the performers included Amy Mowery...

Kathie Mills...

Phylis Renee Marconi...

...and Tina Jenkins Crawley.

These shows are always a joy to photograph.

A glimpse of what the next 10 years of Singer Spotlight will look like.

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