Friday, January 20, 2012

Faith In Action Assembly

There were 100 rallies, assemblies, service projects, observances and such on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day in Chicago. I got lucky — I covered one of the best.

The Community Renewal Society held its 2012 Faith in Action Assembly at Kingdom Baptist Church, featuring music, speeches and (as the name implied) action.

The numerous speakers reflected King's wide array of subject matter.
Jonathan Gilmer of First United Senior High addressed the crowd with a calm firmness...

...while Rev. Calvin S. Morris was passionate.

Here's the action: five officials from Illinios government came to publicly sign their names on CRS' Platform for Renewal, which will promote education funding, affordable housing and better job opportunities for felons who served their sentence.

And here is even more important action: Representatives of 28 churches and community groups told the speakers and lawmakers that their organizations stood on the Platform as well.

As the man himself likely would have wanted it.

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