Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Seth, Alice and the secret identity

Seth and Alice told me that the journey of their first pregnancy has been a pleasure, even as they go through it.
"We're laughing a lot during the pregnancy," Seth told me — a story that his wife corroborated. "As much as your nerves get the best of you, the baby's made us laugh a lot."

The couple know their child's gender and have a name picked out, but aren't announcing either. Both said that autumn is their favorite time of year, and that they are feeling a multitude of emotions as the fall day when their lives will be permanently changed approaches.
"Words that would describe the feeling include 'excited,' 'scared,' 'determined'..." Seth began, "...and 'faithful.'"

I photographed them on the campus of Concordia University, where Alice studied.
(They asked for outdoor shots around the campus — and a nice soft cloud provided some wonderfully diffuse sunlight — but as we walked through the main hall, I had to pose them in the beautiful lobby)

Seth attended the University of Illinois, and met Alice in 2000.
"She became my best friend first," he recalled. "After that...that was it."

Although they are keeping the baby's identity undercover — and although they are enjoying the ups and downs of a first pregnancy — Seth and Alice said they are looking forward to the day when they will have some big news to share with their loved ones.
"And what could be bigger," Alice said, "than sharing a child with the world?"

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