Thursday, July 18, 2013

Doug and Kimmie: kiss her now

In any arena, success depends heavily on timing. And, allegedly, Doug needed a few cues to know when was the right time to kiss Kimmie.

Doug and Kimmie hired me last summer for their engagement photos, so I was excited when they brought me back for their wedding. My excitement grew when I saw the inside of The Church of Holy Apostles in McHenry — a beautiful, round sanctuary that offered me a lot of gorgeous and uncommon angles.

Jonah, the ring-bearer, had a good time in the bridal party's ready room.

But I was especially intrigued when I learned about what had happened before I got there — allegedly.

The couple set a unique order for their ceremony, and put their first kiss in the middle. Depending on who you ask, the story is that during the rehearsal, Doug wasn't sure when he was supposed to kiss Kimmie.

So, the night before the wedding, his family made him some cue cards.

At 31 North Banquets for the reception, with the toasts from matron of honor Cath...

...and best man Matt.

As you can see here, though, by the end of the night, Doug was having no trouble deciding when to kiss his bride.

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