Sunday, September 14, 2014

Opening the vault: the K&M Soul story

"This is what has been put in my heart to do, and honestly, I do not know how it is all going to be accomplished."

Some guys feel the passion to make music as young men, jump onto that path and start a band when they're kids. Kevin, the singer of K&M Soul, felt that passion as a young man, but thought that music-making could not be for him and tried a different path instead.

I photographed the group at Goose Island in part because Kevin has realized what he was meant for.

The M (Matt, left) and the K (Kevin)

K&M Soul began to take shape on June 4th, 2013 — Kevin knows the date off the top of his head. On that day, Kevin was fasting and praying, looking for an answer for what he should do with his unsatisfied drive to sing. Decades along on his career path and raising a family, he'd assumed that the fire of the music he grew up listening to (rock, the blues and soul) would have faded to embers by now.

But he saw that they were never supposed to. And then he met Matt.

"To create songs that will help someone wake up in the morning, to fight through a difficult situation in life."

When Kevin speaks about the band's objectives, he speaks with the experience of a man who has come quite a ways down his path, and helped friends make progress on theirs, too. I don't do music reviews (you'll have to come to their show and decide for yourself), but when I watched them performing, I saw on their faces the looks of men who are doing this for a reason, and are serious about achieving that goal.

"For a very long time, I have suppressed the passion for music," Kevin said.

These days, though, he, Matt and the boys are setting it free.