Sunday, August 16, 2015

Anya's 16th: the big, bright birthday

The birthday girl made neon the dress code 
I've photographed plenty of birthday parties that used some variety of "happy birthday" backdrop for portraits. It always sounds like a great idea to parents — who usually find out about 15 minutes into the evening that the kids don't think it's that cool.

This party was one of the few, though.

Center of attention: the lovely Miss Anya dances through her backyard party
Anya and her friends are either very close, or very secure, or maybe both. She and I had to work the backdrop all afternoon and all night, as party people came and went, and it never seemed to get old. Kids dragged out of the back-patio-dance-floor to pose for a second or third time.

Anya made neon attire the theme for her event, and I was surprised at the number of kids — even guys — who played along. Either the '80s are back in style, or Anya is that girl who can bring something into style at will.

Open all night: some guests wanted multiple appearances with Anya and the backdrop