Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Tipped in their favor: Andy, Lety and all that followed

Being an attorney, Andy is constantly trying to tip an otherwise balanced scale in favor of his clients. When he talks about how he fell in love with his now-wife, Lety, he makes a motion that comes naturally to him: hands out, palms up, one moving up while the other dips. He recalls the moment when his nascent attraction to Lety was on a scale like that:

"Was I going to call her? Was I not going to...?"

Finally, he made up his mind: he wasn't. Andy lost track of Lety's number, and didn't call.

I had a good time with Andy, Lety and the kids at the Chicago Botanic Garden

But the scale tipped back.

Andy first met Lety in 1998 through a function of the church they both attended, and liked what he saw. But a lawyer's training directs him to study each move before making it, and Andy put the idea of a romantic pursuit of Lety on the scale.

"He took my number, but he never called me back," Lety said.

Andy, Jr.

But sharing a social circle gave Andy another chance: he spotted Lety again at another social function months later.

He spoke candidly to me about his second impression. If you ever meet Lety, you'll understand this quickly: she is a woman of amazing grace.

"She wasn't dressed up as nicely, but the conversation was a little more substantive," Andy told me.

Andy asked Lety for her number again. Gracefully, she handed it over again.

This time, Andy called. Many more substantive conversations followed.

"We had similar goals, similar aspirations," he told me. "I could tell her anything and everything."

On March 11, 2000, Andy knelt down and asked Lety to dress up for him again. Lety accepted. Their lives merged, and Diana and Andy, Jr. followed.

The scale is tipped heavily these days, but Andy said he feels balanced now.